Weather? Skipping rope.

Weather? Skipping rope.
July 1st. 2011

“On the mountain stands a lady, who she is I do not know, all she wants is gold and silver and a nice young man to marry her so…” It was a childhood Skipping rope rhyme. Then there would be a litany of names as the callers “come in my ___dear, my ___dear, my ___dear, come in my ___dear while I go out to play” and the youngster named would jump in to start counting the skips, “one, two, three and so on. It was harder when there were two ropes and you skipped double Dutch, I don’t know why ‘Dutch’ but it’s not the first time we blamed or attributed something to foreigners. There were a myriad of rhymes for skipping rope, and there were rhymes for most any child hood game, Simple Simon, Red Rover, Ring around the Rosie and so on, and rhymes which just were said for the pure pleasure of hearing them or saying them, words that went together well. “ Eenie, meanie, Mynee, Mo, or I’m the King of the Castle. There are so many and they varied through the various neighbourhoods in Gander where I grew up, local variations.
“Rain, rain, go away, come again another day” in my opinion was more important than anyone ever suspected. It was chanted by hundreds of thousands, if not millions of children all over the English speaking world and perhaps variations exist in other languages, I’m no expert. But do you see any children doing that today? No. Not one! Kids have not been chanting rhymes for more than thirty, perhaps forty years. Now, look at the weather… climate change right? If you’re someone who can’t see the remarkable change in the climate over the past thirty years, you’re either not old enough, or living in Toronto.(Urbanites are curiously out of touch with nature, but the most outspoken against the idea of climate change and global warming happen to be in Toronto).
I know you’re thinking that this has been written by some soft headed Bozo who connects the space time continuum with spirits, wraiths, sprites and faeries, perhaps I am. Actually, I am. But I’m far more visionary than you give me credit for.
In my mind, the kids have let us down. It’s not my place to lay the rather heavy burden of responsibility upon the newest generation, but we’ve blamed climate change on everything else and we’re running out of guilt, so why not? Maybe if we had more kids doing the sun dance and the appropriate chants, we’d have more sun and less rain and the kids wouldn’t need weight loss programs. We did our part, but their turn came and what happened?
The weather is our children’s fault. Give your kid a skipping rope before it’s too late. My cucumbers are fading with damp rot, there are fish in my skin, and my hair stands up. All this has gone unnoticed by friends and neighbours, funny thing about that… lack of sun can do strange things to the mind.
All the best to you from Mouldville and if you’ve had sunny weather in the past three months, kiss my arse.

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