What shows! What spectacles! Indeed “spectacles” seems to understate these events. I can’t wait for the Olympics, summer or winter to come round. I wait in anticipation for what I consider to be the biggest shows on earth. There has not been, is not, and won’t likely ever be bigger show events than those opening and closing ceremonies! It’s like Circue du Soleil meets Rock ‘ n Roll super shows and it’s all jumped up on steroids for a worldwide audience.

So I wonder how it is anyone could be in critical of these massive unwieldy largely volunteer extravaganzas. I mention this as I heard someone detracting from the most recent London opening ceremonies because they don’t care much for Paul McCartney!

I want to say “ Didn’t you see the rest? Doesn’t it amaze you that one person has been able to create a song, and 46 years later is able to get 80,000 people in one venue to sing along with it? Never mind the approximately 1 billion watching it through their tele’s humming along in unison. Doesn’t this whole thing astound you? Don’t you get the cold shivers watching 10 thousand volunteers working like parts of a huge machine to carry this off ? Think of the rehearsals, the organization, the creation, the writing, the costuming, the set, stage and venue construction, the lighting and fireworks! Think of this massive human endeavour for a brief moment to entertain you and I.”

All this too as a reminder that we are one world, one community, and while the architects of conflict plot to bugger us over border and profit, religion and race, this is one civil event in which the whole world participates and levels us all to exemplify the best humanity has to offer one another.

The closing ceremonies too were a great event, but if you chance a comparison to the opening two weeks previous be reminded that the day before they put that massive stage and set in place, soccer games were still being played on that field. No time for rehearsals. It gives me a slight pause to reflect.

As a person who has spent 40 years of his life in entertaining folks, playing music, singing, writing, joking and acting, I am humbled by these events. To consider what it is to entertain on a world stage one might just as well hope to circumnavigate the oceans in a kayak. I don’t know where to start. I’m so full of inspiration and so reduced in my insignificance at the same interval.

May we always let the games begin…with a great big show! Thank you Brits, these last two shows were really incredible. Next…Russia, then Brazil! I can’t wait.


  1. So are you and the boys going to add a multiflamed torch to the stage of your next show? Another thing that somewhat amazes me about the Olympics is that spectators from so many places with so many languages are accommodated in one city.

    • Kevin Blackmore says:

      Hi Tom: As you can see I’m not quick to answer this blog. I’ve been paying attention to my new ambition, that of becoming an Acrobat, I don’t know if it’s realistic but I love the big sets. (Buddy)

  2. I hope you don’t give up your day job and run off and join Serk de Solly or whatever they call that acrobat group in tights and paint. If you do become an acrobat, I wonder if you’d be one of the taller ones out there? They always seem sort of compact on TV…

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