Numb Nuts

Numb nuts, cock Issaac and stundarse all fall into that category of descriptions which are applied to  people (of either gender and those in between) who you don’t like.

“My dear”, “Dear Jeeses”, and “I could eat you” are terms of endearment.(though that last one now is grossly misinterpreted)

I know I shouldn’t have to explain it, I know, but the next time I’m in Europe, Asia, or to Canada and some smarmy French person or some upity Brit, or some cocky Italian gets upset with me over a misunderstanding like ” Dear Jeeses – that’s coffee!”,  or, “Mind now Numb nuts you don’t swell up and break out in Naples” I’m going to take a hissy fit and render the fat off ’em with a line of oaths that could scald the arse off of St. Peter. Now. The rest of ya, straighten up!

Talking about stundarses!  Jeeses we got to go straighten up Ontario and Alberta now. Will this job never end?


  1. Linda Greenfield says:

    My NFLD buddy always says ‘ I could eat the face right offa ya’, when she’s with a cute little kid. I thought she invented that weird term of endearment but it’s provincial I see! She didn’t invent nudding. And as fer the cussin – Newfundlanders has the most unique cussin ever I heard. Very creative.

    • Kevin Blackmore says:

      Yes Linda, unfortunately these sort of coloquialisms can be taken as lude, rude and indifferent, when they were just expressions we all grew up with. It’s one of many. Neat expressions though. Buddy

  2. Oh please do fix the people in ontario they need some serious help out here wouldn’t know if something crawled up their arses and died, they’re right bitter about life.
    ps I saw your act once in labrador city and you guys are hilarious hope to see another show someday

  3. Janice Mundle says:

    What a wonderful group. I don’t care what you say , they are all wonderful performers and whatever they say’ you have to smile. They have played in my hometown of Pugwash, N.S. They always draw a big crowd. I have also been to see them at the Decoste Centre in Pictou, N.S. If necessary, I’s drive any distence to see them.

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