Going to BC

We haven’t been in BC in a few years, but when people mention BC they all think of Vancouver and the island, then the coast. We’re going to Fort St. John and Fort Nelson.  I bet there’s a lot of people in B.C. who would ask “Where’s that?” No problem.  I had to ask where exactly is “Bide Arm” recently, how odd is that? You’d think I’d know by now! Every now and again though I hear of a community in NL and I wonder just exactly where it is…how many people know precisely where every community in NL is? I got a fright one time when I applied for a postal service position and actually got an interview! I was humiliated. Good thing I didn’t get the job though, I’d be pushing letters and parcels instead of performing da Yammie…. though I could combine the two… I knows I wouldn’t deliver the letters fast would I ?


  1. Verna & Gary says:

    Saw your show in Fort St. John last night and it was GREAT!!! Best laugh we’ve had in years!! It was too long since your last visit though, please come again SOON 🙂 Thanks for seeing your fans after, it meant a lot to us. If you’re ever back way this way we’ll be there to see you fer shur – by the way there’s always a cold beer in the fridge and a guitar close by. 🙂 Safe travels and tie down your next banjo…. lol

    • Kevin Blackmore says:

      Hi Verna and Gary: We had great fun doing the concert in Fort St. John, the crowds here have always been good to us, we’ll try to come sooner for the next one and not wait eight or ten years. Thanks. Buddy

  2. Hi Guys,

    Just wondering when/if you have any venues scheduled for Halifax…My mom and dad are going to see you guys in Stephenville and Its been a fews years since my wife and I seen your show. We really enjoy your cds as we both are Newfoundlanders working in N.S. My 5 & 8 year olds know a lot of your music already..( they love :In the woods, Chainsaw Earle, The Baccy Song, Is -u- Happy)….Hope you are heading to NS soon….Keep er’ going!

    • Kevin Blackmore says:

      Hi Toby:
      We go to Halifax in our next Maritime tour in April of 2014! Thanks for the note, glad to see you all enjoy our stuff and the the next generation is safe too!
      All the best!

  3. Are you coming to Edmonton any time soon? Always enjoy your shows.

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