Fort McMurray

Fort McMurray here we come. It’s interesting isn’t it this perception of the Oil Sands as being the biggest polluter on the planet! I have to say in all the years going there I’ve yet to see the evidence. As near as I can see, while flying into Toronto Airport, in the sky over Greater Metro is where the big orange cloud hovers. It’s also interesting that most of the outspoken as well as the closet enviornmentalists seem to hang out primarily in places like Toronto. If you gave me the choice, any day of the week, any week of the year, I’d sooner be visiting Fort McMurray. Looking forward to another six shows at the Keyano College theatre. We’ll be there on Thursday for number one!


  1. We want to see you in edmonton! I loved your show in newfoundland!!

  2. I Hope all of the Newfoundlanders in Fort Mcmurrary come out and see the show. Have fun, funny guy. Make all the fans laugh their heads off. Well your funny so.

    Your biggest fan

  3. Hi there Buddy
    So when are you appearing in Cold Lake AB again? My husband and I have seen you 3 x’s so far and love each and everytime we get to see the boys and you!!

    Hope you have decided to come this way again soon… take care and God Bless!!


    • Kevin Blackmore says:

      Hi Jen: – Cold Lake / Bonneyville. We’re arranging a show for October in the Centennial Centre in Bonneyville. It’s not advertised yet, but it’s happening.

  4. Buddy!!!!! I watched one of your shows here in the Mac the last time u were up… I brought my sister it was the first time she seen u ohhhh my god she couldn’t stop lafing hahah we had a great time and realy appricated what u and the guys do… It takes real talent and it realy shows!!!! I will be bringing my young fella next time u can bank ur buck on that!!!

    • Kevin Blackmore says:

      Hi Kenneth
      Yes, this is the affect we have on some first time viewers / listeners. Novices. It may not get better with successive exposures to the show. If it keeps up you may consider a dose of Ozzy Osbourne to offset the laughing. All the best with it. See you both next time I hope.

  5. Nancy King says:

    Buddy, we loves it here! Would take it over T.O. any day. Can’t wait to see you again when you come back! Maybe we can chat for more than two minutes next time….But that was better than none any day! Hugs!

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