Councillor Catchers

July 17th. 2011


I don’t know if your town is the same but here in Greater Bloody Bay there is an odd prejudice against dogs by Town Councillors. I know, I know, town councillors should be tethered or kept on a leash at all times. They are dangerous to society. So, my point is that if we can afford dog catchers, why can’t we hire Town Councillor Catchers? I don’t see the difference. Oddly, they are tolerated in public places. They even walk around harassing old ladies in parking lots, children with bikes and dog owners but there is no law against them roaming. We spent great sums of money on a Town Councillor meeting place where they can go socialize. However, we did nothing for dogs, we don’t even have a dog park! Let’s face it, dogs need to socialize, they need a degree of freedom, they need love and attention. However none of this need apply to Town Councillors and we’ve spent a great fortune to accommodate them!

I want to see a law passed that forces people to keep their Councillors leashed at all times and if caught, the owners will be fined. I’m thinking, perhaps 75 bucks or something. Of course we’ll need a licencing system too. Perhaps we can imbed all the Councillors with an information chip under the skin and tattoo their bellies. These are just preliminary thoughts.


  1. *giggling*……….very funny. I live in St. John’s and we have a dog park behind the Humane Society, I do not have a dog but I do commend them for having one. I vote for leashed Councillors even if you do get a dog park *wheeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Cannot wait to see you all in St. John’s in the Fall ~

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