Appliances and Hermits, Part 2

The toilet handle leapt for freedom one morning recently, separating itself and refusing to go back. I have several power tools in the workshop, the number of them which don’t work is directly proportionate to those which have an expired warranty. I hear the washing machine grinding away in there now and I see that its warranty expired recently, the clothes dryer the same and the noises these make are the sounds of devices headed for the junk yard. I bought a car second hand last year and didn’t purchase the dealer warranty despite the smug look of the salesman. Its transmission went within the first month.

The plotters and schemers who plan the demise of gadgets are successful, these makers of hair dryers, electric knives, mixers and processors, the T.V.s ! Hell my T.V. blew up three months after the warranty blew out and I now have a thousand dollars more invested in T.V. gadgets than before! They got us whipped in a high-tech way. We live in the land God gave to Abel but we arrived one generation too late. All Abel’s toys are broken! We have the results of a system feeding and devouring itself at the same time, the resources of Mother earth be damned!

“So,” I thought “I’m going into the woods!” I got rid of some junk recently, I scaled my possessions down. I am looking for ways to simplify, use less and regress materially. The time has come! “I hear the call! Seek the Hudsonian Godwit, creep up on the Eskimo Curlew! Call the mighty moose to my muzzle, be at one with the Snowy Egret, feel the soul of the Salmon river, taste the spring of life! Go get a good axe and go into the woods!”

So, I drew from my bookshelf, “Live Like A Hermit”, not a popular volume … but… in this treasure chest were nuts of wisdom; how to make soup of specific roots, how to make grain of cat tails, how to build a bivouac, and all sorts of useful things, “Boy Scouts on steroids” stuff. The problem revealed itself as I read. Slowly it occurred that the author relied heavily on technology . From choosing the best in hiking boots and pack sacks and the ultralight tents and sleeping bags to the importance of multi-fuel travel stoves and space blankets, sadly I realized…naw, forget the woods, stay home, they got us beat there too.

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